Presenting the smartest way to increase your restaurant sales.

At Grabox Kitchens we help restaurants, hotel chains, and local bars increase their earning potential by maximising customer reach. We optimise under-utilised kitchen assets and human labour through our virtual, delivery-only brands. This creates additional revenue streams that are effective and dynamic, and that require no upfront costs and no risk.
Hot Dog
Chicken Biryani
Chicken Poppers
Two Delicious Hamburgers
Soba Noodles
Thai Cuisine

This is the future.

The food delivery market is projected to be worth over $200 Billion by 2025.
If you own or run a restaurant, hotel, or pub, we want you to thrive. This is our driving vision : to help you by building an exciting, profitable and sustainable revenue stream additional to your existing business. Not to worry, it will fit in seamlessly by using your existing infrastructure.

A little about us.

We are a founding team of food-lovers. We also happen to be tech nerds with over 30 years of experience within the retail and hospitality industries.
At Grabox Kitchens we use artificial intelligence, machine -learning and predictive algorithms to create unique virtual food brands. Being data-driven, we constantly optimise to cater to the growing trends in the food delivery market.  

Say no to inefficiency.

Traditional hospitality methods are under-equipped to capitalise on the growing food-delivery segment, leading to massive missed opportunities and losses in potential revenue.
Are you overwhelmed by your business demanding high-operational costs? Do you find it hard to innovate and keep on top of market trends (and just marketing in general)? If you do, we at Grabox Kitchens are here to do the heavy-lifting for you. After all, we don't like seeing your talent and your kitchens go under-utilised.

This is how we work.

Data-driven turnkey solution.
All our brands are customised and catered to your local demographics. Our delivery-only model harnesses your existing infrastructure to build brands and increase your revenue, all by engaging your under-utilised resources (i.e. kitchen space, equipment & human labour).
End-to-end marketing support.
We are in this together. Grabox Kitchens supports you at every step along the way - from product packaging to social media management and brand building, we've got you covered.
Effective. Efficient. Easy.
You can now maximise your customer reach through our full suite of national brands. Additionally, our proprietary technology integrates all available delivery platforms into the one tablet device, thereby making the processing of incoming orders effective, efficient and hassle-free.  
Zero upfront costs.
Best of all, we are totally free. We only make money when you make money. Our data-driven technology uses all your existing kitchen infrastructure and ingredients to ensure that there are no extra overheads. None whatsoever. 

We've gone global.

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